New Year, New U with Slender Fit U!

“We will open the book. It’s pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and it’s first chapter is New Year’s Day”.
~ Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I love New Years day, symbolically it’s a fresh start, a new chapter.  A time to make plans and resolutions for the upcoming year.  One of the most common New Years resolutions is to lose weight.  Over indulgence over the holiday season is the norm and when January 1st rolls around many people think “where did this extra 10 to 15 pounds come from”. Well Thank Goodness for Slender Fit U’s hCG weight Loss program ……. this is the easiest and most effective weight loss program available, bar none!  When I did this program a number of years ago it literally changed my life.  I lost 25lbs, my body fat distribution changed dramatically, and most importantly I’ve had no problem keeping it off! My metabolism is faster without a doubt, I can eat more things and I don’t gain weight but more importantly I make much better food choices and I have a different relationship with food.  This is because the Slender Fit U hCG weight loss program, when done correctly corrects your hypothalamus and resets your metabolism. Check out my before and after photos by clicking here.

So if your New Years resolution is to lose weight, then pick a program that actually works and will give you results. Give Slender Fit U’s hCG weight loss program a try.  There’s a reason they call us the hCG experts. We get the best results!  Our female clients are losing 15lbs in 23 days and 30 lbs in 46 days, and our male clients are losing 25lbs in 23 days and 40 to 50lbs in 46 days, with no hunger, with more energy and feeling GREAT!!

When I first started working with hCG for weight loss, it was unheard of here in South Florida, even though  it had been used for weight loss for almost 60 years worldwide.  hCG has become very popular in the last few years and unfortunately not everyone is doing it the right way. We get new clients weekly that have tried it other places without success and finally get the results they want with Slender Fit U’s program!  Experience does matter and with Slender Fit U you can rest assured that you WILL achieve the best weight loss results and will be guided and supported throughtout the program by me personally and my wonderful staff!

Happy New Year from Geri Correa and Slender Fit U 🙂